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Faith on Tap
Evolution: Darwin and the God of Love

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 | 7 p.m.
Hurley's Saloon | 232 W. 48th St. | New York, N.Y.

Join fellow alumni for an engaging conversation on faith in everyday life led by Fordham professor and world-renowned theologian, Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J.

"Evolution: Darwin and the God of Love"

"Ask the beasts and they will teach you," says the book of Job; speak to the birds, plants, fish and they will declare to you: we are the handiwork of God. The evolutionary story of life in its beauty, chance, and fragility as explained by Darwin offers a new way to see creation. What has theology got to say about the presence of God in the evolving natural world—including city pigeons, subway rats, and park trees? Bringing nature into the imagination of faith can help us humans, ourselves a recently evolved twig on the tree of life, live with a more vivid sense of the divine and practice an ecologically responsible lifestyle in a world where species are rapidly disappearing.

Enjoy some stimulating conversation and a drink on Fordham.

$10 admission includes one drink ticket.

This event is also co-sponsored by the Marymount Alumnae Board and the R.S.H.M. Extended Family.

For more information, contact Tim Dinneen at 212-636-7068 or

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